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Adivina qué animal es

Para trabajar el presente simple, los alumnos de 6º describieron a diferentes animales y el resto de la clase tenía que adivinar de qué animal se trataba. Inténtalo tú. Abajo están las soluciones.

1. They live in many places in the world especially in peaceful areas. They live about 150 years. They eat leaves. They are reptiles and they are covered by a shell. 

 2.They live in the Iberian Peninsula. It is in danger. There are only 20 pairs. They eat rabbits but they also eat amphibians and reptiles. They drink water. They live for 30 years. Many die at the hands of people. 

3.They live in Australia. They live in the dessert. They eat grass, leaves and fruit. Their baby is in their body. They sleep for 10 hours a day. Their jump is very high. They live for 28 years. 

4.They live in Africa and Asia. They are from 2.50 to 3.15 centimetres long. They live in grasslands. They eat leaves, fruit, grass and tender branches. They’ve got a horn in their head. 
Miguel Ángel

5.They live in the Arctic. They eat fish. They sleep for 12 hours a day. They are black and white. They live for 1 years. 

6.They live in forests. They live in family groups. They eat mice, birds and insects. They drink water. When they are born they weigh about 100 grammes. They live for seven or eight years in the wild and from ten to twelve years in captivity. 
Mª Carmen y Andrea.

7.They live in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma and China. They are carnivorous. They eat peacocks, buffalo, monkeys, deer and antelope. They can live for 26 years. They are solitary animals and usually do not live in groups, except females. 

8.They live in North America. They are between 140 and 200 centimetres long. They weigh up to 200 or 300 kilogrammes. They are omnivorous and they eat everything according to the time of the year such as meat, fish and fruit. They sleep all winter.

1.Tortoises  2.Imperial eagles  3.kangaroos
4.Rhinos 5.Penguins 6.Foxes 7.Bengal tigers 8.Brown bears

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